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Travel Tips in Mysterious Kauai Hawaii

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If you are connecting from Hawaiian to United, double check your ticket and itinerary. Kauai is home to thousands of wild chickens, or moa in Hawaiian, who have few natural predators, as the mongoose was never introduced in Kauai as it has been on other Hawaiian islands. Scientists tell us the Hawaiian islands are drifting north very slowly.

Kauai is officially spelled Kauai with the backward apostrophe indicating a glottal stop (the way air stops in the expression oh-oh!). Kauai is known for its simple and laid back lifestyle with less emphasis on being on time and more emphasis on maintaining a go with the flow vibe. 

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Kauai is a great island and there are tons of fun things to do. It is the farthest north of the Hawaiian Islands and located in the middle of the blue Pacific Ocean.

Kauai is home to a number of impressive waterfalls, two of which are accessible by car alone. Therefore, North Shore is a flavorful adventure that explores a diverse selection of handmade made food including North Shore grass-fed beef, traditional Hawaiian food, pupus, tiki cocktails and handcrafted desserts.

Kauai is an island full of splendor, raw beauty, and culture, an island that represents the true spirit of aloha like no other. Guests sample traditional Hawaiian food while learning about taro farming as well as the plantation history and culture of the Kealia area.

Poipu Beach on the south shore of Kauai is often lauded as America's Best Beach. Tucked away in a secluded beach cove a few miles from Hanalei, the St. Regis at Princeville is Kauai’s preeminent luxury resort. Stack rocks at Hanakapiai Beach or any beach or heiau (ancient Hawaiian rock platform).

The city of LÄ«hue, on the island's southeast coast, is the seat of Kauai County and the second largest city on the island.

The western side of Kauai is home to Waimea Canyon, about an hour's drive on scenic curvy roads that offer views of the nearby island of Niihau (only accessible to native Hawaiians) and gorgeous views of the mountains, valleys, and the bluest ocean you've ever seen.

The highway in Kauai is very hilly and much of it doesn't have a decent shoulder so I don't recommend biking as your main source of transportation.

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